Don’t Let Your Sciatica Be a Pain

Reduce your tension and flare-ups with sciatica treatment in El Paso, TX

Are you dealing with sciatic nerve pain? If the tingling and numbing sensations are severe or don’t get better over time, you may need a more structured treatment approach to help reduce flare-ups and discomfort. At West Texas Chiropractic Center, LLC, we can help you through this difficult time with effective sciatica treatment.

We fight pain and inflammation

Sciatic nerve pain can be excruciating and debilitating. Our highly trained chiropractors will work with you to understand your needs and find a solution to your pain. Our treatment includes:

Spinal decompression to relax muscles and nerves
Exercise to increase blood flow to disks and nerves
Massage sessions to ease inner inflammation

Call to schedule an appointment with West Texas Chiropractic Center of El Paso, TX to receive a treatment plan that’s tailored to your specific needs.