Alleviate Your Pain at West Texas Chiropractic Center

We treat neck, back and shoulder pain with ultrasound therapy in El Paso, TX

Are you tired of living each day with your chronic pain? Schedule an appointment at West Texas Chiropractic Center, LLC of El Paso, Texas for ultrasound therapy. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we’ll help to reduce your chronic pain and improve your mobility, function and quality of life.

What is ultrasound therapy?

Our trained therapists treat chronic pain with the use of sound waves emitted by an ultrasound conduction device. This type of therapy increases cellular reproduction rates, effectively reducing the time it takes to heal. Ultrasound therapy can help:

Relax tight, sore muscles to help reduce tension
Warm muscles and soften tissues to increase circulation
Soften scar tissue and massage tendons, ligaments and muscles

Reduce your pain with help from the professionals at West Texas Chiropractic Center of El Paso, TX. Call 915-562-5700 to schedule an appointment.